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No, we do not and we do not intend to do so. We do understand how hard it is for properties to pay exorbitant commissions, while maintaining a high service and property maintenance standards and still make a profit. We would appreciate however that your property passes some of your savings to your guests by way of some practical benefits, such as free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free transfers etc.
No we do not. This is your hotel, and it is only fair that you manage what you own and paid money for. This is a great advantage to the hotel as they, due to the lack of commissions can allocate most of the inventory on line. You have access to amend inventory when you desire.
Subject to the type and or star rating of property we charge a membership/marketing fee as follows:

3 star hotels :$1 per room per month ( I.E. 100 room 3 star hotel will pay $100 per month)

4 star hotels: $1.50 per room per month ( I.E. 100 room 4 star hotel will pay $150 per month)

5 star hotels: $1.75 per room per month ( I.E. 100 room 5 star hotel will pay $175 per month)

In the case of refurbishment out of inventory rooms are offset against total availability.


BookingBase is a revolutionary OTA or as we like to call ourselves and on line partner. The essence of the business is to give a fair, equitable and profitable deal for the industry. A deal that is based on highly efficient and essentially self-managed system and booking engine platform that is easy to use and that hands over the control of the money, inventory and total management to property’s owner and managers. Thus, the model is based on a win win no risk to our clients (hotel) and the end user (guest).

There are 3 aspects to the system:
1. Administration, in which the hotels manage their inventory, room allotments, rates, packages, CRM. Reports, emails etc.
2. The membership and editing landing page, normally we will set up the hotel once and then the hotel will edit the details as required
3. The booking landing page this is where the money is, this is where the end user makes his/her reservation

Fig 1. Administration screen, credentials are sent to the property once the contract is signed and the hotel pays its first month. Hotels are able to individually go to site and add edit offerings, rates, benefits etc.

Fig 2. Property log in and membership request, from this screen properties are able to log in to admin site or sign up their property.

Fig3. Registration form.

Fig 4. Booking interface, the end user will be directed to the hotel list subsequent to choosing a destination arrival and departure dates.

Besides, not managing your inventory, no charging you commissions, dramatically increasing your yield and profitability, not dealing with your guests in any way,
giving you a 24/7 actual support and global exposure,
well we also will give properties clear benchmarking on what guests expect and experienced.
Finally, we will automatically audit properties every 6 months and if we have not provided with 4 times the amount of our charges they will get a pro rata discount on future fees. In the case of chains this will be calculated globally.
Yes we certainly do,as a member and in view of the fairness of our model and system we would appreciate your support by including some of our literature in rooms and public places.
To join i. Please download, fill the information form found at

ii. Either download the PDF REGISTRATION/AGREEMENT FORM , fill and retun to or fill on line, you will need ADOBE READER if you do not have it download from here.

III. Once you have done so and transfer the first month fee you will received credentials and full access to the extranet and help you with the setting up of your hotel. This will take approximately 20 minutes and it is subject to the packages you may want to include.
iii. Once the above is finalized your property will be on line.

2. Payment is monthly in advance. EFT to our bank account (preferred) (see agreement for account details)
3. Contract is for one year but it can be cancelled with one month notice. The contract is not onerous there are no tricks, small print or loop holes, what you see is what you get.
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